Bar and Café Lounge

The stylish hotel Café Lounge with a summer terrace and Lobby Bar are an ideal place for relaxation, business and private meetings, wedding receptions, celebrations and painting exhibiotions. Enjoy excellent Lavazza coffee, ice cream sundaes and a wide range of drinks in a pleasing environment.



Mixed drinks

Gin & Tonic
The legendary long drink is served with ice and a slice of lemon.
112 CZK
Becherovka & Tonic
A refreshing combination of Becherovka Original herb liqueur and Tonic Water.
107 CZK
Bacardi & Coke
Bacardi & Coke is always a good choice. A popular combination of premium rum and Coke.
112 CZK
Vodka Orange
Premium Absolut vodka paired with a taste of orange.
Served with ice and a slice of orange.
107 CZK
Whisky & Soda
Whiskey with soda is a refreshing light drink popular all year round.
118 CZK
Aperol Spritz
Rich colour, excellent taste, refreshing bubbles and a juicy slice of orange.
125 CZK
Campari Orange
Italian aperitif with an unmistakable ruby colour with orange juice ensures a harmonic taste.
122 CZK

 Lavazza coffee and coffee specialties

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo 47 CZK
Cappuccino 53 CZK
Latte Macchiato 57 CZK
Flat-white 85 CZK
Caffe Latte Baileys 92 CZK
Ice Caffe Latte Coco 92 CZK
Turkish coffee 45 CZK
Irish coffee 95 CZK
Algerian Eggnog Latte 60 CZK
Viennese coffee 55 CZK

Hot alcoholic beverages

Mulled wine 75 CZK
Grog 50 CZK
Hot Cherry Liqueur 65 CZK
Devil’s seal (hot chocolate with cherry liqueur, whipped cream) 92 CZK
Bombardino 108 CZK

Hot soft drinks

Hot chocolate with whipped cream 54 CZK
Hot Cranberry, Apple juice 45 CZK
0,2 l Tea – by choice 40 CZK
0,5 l Tea – by choice in a teapot 65 CZK
0,2 l Fresh ginger tea 49 CZK
0,5 l Fresh ginger tea in a teapot 75 CZK

BREAKFAST 06:30 – 10:00

Scrambled eggs with onion
eggs 3 pcs, onion, butter, side salad, bread
81 CZK
Scrambled eggs with ham or bacon
Eggs 3 pcs, ham or bacon, onion, butter, garnish, bread
87 CZK
Eggs 3 pcs, ham with eggs, bread
97 CZK
Delicate sausages
2 pcs of delicate sausage, mustard, bread
73 CZK

Soft drinks

Mattoni mineral water – 0,33 l​ 40 CZK
Juice – by choice – 0,2 l 46 CZK
Soda – 0,2 l 20 CZK
Still Water Aquila – 0,33 l 40 CZK
Still Water Aquila – 1,5 l 70 CZK
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite – 0,33 l​ 47 CZK
Tonic – 0,2 l 45 CZK
Red Bull 0,25 l 75 CZK


Pilsner Urquell – pale lager – 0,3 l 43 CZK
Pilsner Urquell – bottled beer – 0,5 l 57 CZK
Radegast Birell – non-alcoholic beer – 0,33l 45 CZK
Radegast Birell-nealkoholické pivo – 0,5 l 48 CZK

Wine list

White/red wine – 0,1 l 34 CZK
White/red wine – 0,2 l 68 CZK
White/red wine – 0,75 l 245 CZK
Prosecco – 0,1 l 52 CZK
Prosecco – 0,2 l 95 CZK
Bohemia Sekt – 0,75 l (Czech sparkling wine) 300 CZK


Choice of open sandwiches
Homemade potato crisps with a garlic dip 85 CZK
Green olives in herb pesto 78 CZK
Tortilla a la Nachos with a spicy tomato salsa 79 CZK
Potato crisps Bohemia Chips 46 CZK
Salty peanuts 45 CZK
Pistachios salted roasted 65 CZK
Choice of Sweet pastries (mini doughnut, croissant with chocolate, homemade cake)
Pancakes 3 pcs, topped with a forest fruit sauce, decorated with whipped cream 115 124 CZK
Golden brown baked Waffles served with ice cream 139 CZK


Guest reviews

“Great location”

The staff at the reception and at breakfast were very pleasant, the location was also great.

Mr. David, 13.10.2022

“Excellent breakfast, cleanliness, parking"

Excellent breakfast, large selection, cleanliness in the hotel and in the room perfect, excellent service from the young reception staff. Close to the subway station and the hotel parking lot, which I appreciate very much. We were very satisfied, we will definitely come back.

Mr. Rudolf, 19.9.2022

“Welcoming reception staff”

The receptionist was welcoming, the room was nice, the breakfast - plenty of varieties to choose from, the location was great. I have already slept in your hotel for 2 times, and the next time I come to Prague, I will stay at Hotel ILF again. The hotel is close to the subway, so great. Greetings from Moravia.

Ms. Miroslava, 26.9.2022